Hello I am Valerie and welcome to my website. I am an artist based in London working with a variety materials to make pieces which play with shape, texture, and colour in order to explore the boundaries between two and three dimensional objects.

IMG_5313I have been designing and making things since I was very small. My grandfather and father were both blacksmiths and lots of my aunts were in the “rag” trade in London’s West End. I graduated from Winchester School of art in Textile and Fashion design and went on to work at the BBC, utilising skills and techniques my family had worked with to design sets for a variety of films and television shows.

I’m inspired by a whole range of images I see around me. I love water and the variety of shapes and colours found in even the smallest puddle to the wildest coast. In my art I use textiles and threads to try and capture these shapes building works that draw upon the skills I developed as a production designer to explore the interplay between different dimensions in nature.

I like working with recycled items and use a lot of donated fabrics, threads and found objects. At the moment I’m working on a small collection of “edible” images using the wool from the insides of discarded Hello Fresh cool boxes.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy.